Flatscreenadz has taken advantage of the latest development in digital technology to meet the needs of the increasing demand of the marketing world. The most successful companies are those that reach the audience with the most effective style and method. With Flatscreenadz you can implement these goals.



Flatscreenadz is a new and modern system to advertise your products and services. Dynamically and with excitement, you will catch your customers attention. Furthermore Flatscreenadz offers a wide choice of locations in which you can set your flatscreens up. From bars to hotels, travel agencies to shops, wherever you would like to reach out to your target audience.

With the goal to advertise your company or product, Flatscreenadz will deliver and together we can come up with an advertising package suited to your needs. For companies that require help with the production of an advertising clip, Flatscreenadz can help produce a clip or a short movie from the initial idea to the final production tailored to your requirements. So lie back and relax as your business company is advertised around the clock and your needs are met with the help of modern advertising technology.

Place of Action

If you are interested in setting up a flatscreen television in your institution, Flatscreenadz will gladly assist in the installation and regulation of the favourable display packages. Togerther we can decide how many flatscreen television should be installed and the appropiate size and positioning.

With Flatscreenadz, not only will your business premises become modernized, but will also be able to captivate the attention of your customners in a comfortable environment.



Our creativity division has set itself a goal to support new talents in the areas of art, music and entertainment and those who wish the start up their own company. In this world there are a number of people with talents and ideas but no means of showcasing this. Flatscreenadz would like to reach out its hand to the many prospective and creative and take them under its wing. 'Creativity' is always a currect aspect of Flatscreenadz that secures a future for the many creative talents out there.

For further information regarding our products please do not hesistate to contact us.